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Welcome to the home page of DH Consultancy BVBA

DH Consultancy BVBA is a one-man company based in Leuven, Belgium. The company was founded by Dr. Daniel Heynderickx in June 2007.

DH Consultancy offers expertise in the following domains:

  • radiation environment modelling
  • space environment effects on spacecraft and components
  • processing, storing and accessing spacecraft and ground based data
  • space weather models and predictions
  • tailored services combining data, models and custom built processing tools
A number of prototype demonstrator services are available here.


DH Consultancy is currently involved with a number of ESA projects:
Radiation Effects on Advanced Technologies: Models and Software (REAT-MS)
This project involves the implementation into SPENVIS of two Geant4 applications developed by QinetiQ: SSATand GEMAT.
Martian Radiation Environment Models (MarsREM)
A consortium lead by QinetiQ is developing a framework for evaluating radiation effects in Mars orbit and on the surface of Mars and its moons. DH Consultancy's r&ohat;le in the project is to develop a SPENVIS module which ties together the various models and tools that are being produced by the consortium.
Validation of Computational Tools
This project, led by QinetiQ, consists of an independent, quantitative assessment of the different radiation transport/shielding analysis tools and methods that may be used to assess radiation environments at equipment and component level by spacecraft and subsystem manufacturers.

Contact information:

DH Consultancy BVBA
Diestsestraat 133/3
3000 Leuven

Tel.: +32-16-225860
E-mail: DHConsultancy@skynet.be